The Norwegian spruce. This is a native species often regarded as ‘our tree’. There are customers who simply can’t imagine Christmas without this tree with its short, dark green needles and whose scent really brings a festive atmosphere into the home. 
The Colorado (blue) spruce has beautiful silvery-coloured needles which remind you of snow, winter and the festive season. The tree has a particularly regular shape due to its densely-packed branches which extend almost at right angles. Its needles are stiff and prickly and are up to 3cm in length. 
The Serbian spruce is very similar to the Norwegian spruce. Customers appreciate its “Christmassy-tree” shape which is due to the branches growing at a slightly upward angle. The Serbian spruce has short 1-2 cm pointed needles which are clearly flattened, green above and with two white stripes underneath.u.


All of our trees are available in heights from 40 cm to 3 m. They may be purchased ready cut or potted. From our experience we know that the latter are increasingly in demand.