When we were looking for the ideal place for a Christmas tree plantation we opted for a valley in the Choszczno lake district, which has pristine soil ideal for growing coniferous trees. The precise location of Green Plant is the county of Krzęcin in the Western Pomerania voivodship.
The plantation was founded in 2006 and since then has undergone regular expansion both in terms of area and species of tree. Today, over 250 ha, we have approximately 3 million trees of the following species: Norwegian spruce, Colorado spruce, Serbian spruce, Caucasian fir, Fraser fir, white fir and Korean fir. 
Superb quality
The quality of our trees rests on three solid foundations: 
- Perfect terrain, which ensures the right microclimate, uncontaminated soil and optimal sunlight to ensure that our trees have dense needle coverage with a deep colour.  
- Seedlings, which we purchase from only reputable suppliers so we can be sure that they are selected appropriately and are of the best genetic material.  
- Meticulous care, which consists in applying the appropriate measures to protect the plants and the precise shaping of each tree to ensure they are both healthy and perfectly shaped. 

With nature as our inspiration, it’s no wonder that our customers choose Green Plant